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El Camino College is now accepting applications online for the following terms:

Fall 2021

Winter 2022

Spring 2022

Apply for winter if you will attend both winter and spring 2022 (no need to apply for spring too)


Prospective students are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible.


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Who Needs to Apply:

New students, Returning students*, and First term Transfer Students Need to apply.  *You are considered a returning student if you have not attended for two consecutive primary terms (fall and Spring).  Continuing students need not apply.  

International Students 
If you are a prospective F-1 Visa student outside of the United States or an F-1 Visa student currently studying in the United States - - DO NOT complete this application. You must visit the International webpage:

High School Students 
High school students planning to enroll concurrently for classes should apply and submit all required documents before the semester begins. Please visit the High School webpage:

Important Application Instructions:

  • First time students applying to El Camino will need to set up a CCCApply account.  Returning students who have already have a CCCapply account will be able to sign in to their account (If you do not have a CCCApply account you will need to create one)
    • You will need a valid and active email account
  • Once your CCCID account is set up you will be able to complete and submit your application to El Camino College (A CCCID will be sent to you this is not your application to El Camino College)
    • You should have you Social Security Number (SSN) ready for Financial Aid and Tax purposes.  If a SSN is not submitted, the application processing will be delayed.  It can also delay  the processing of your Financial Aid. 
    • For English and Math placement have your unofficial high school and/or previously attended college(s) transcripts.
  • Check your email within one to two business days after you have applied.  You should receive your ECC student ID number and instructions on how to log into your MyECC account. If you haven't received the email please check your junk/spam folder.  
  • You will need your ECC ID and MyECC account while you are attending El Camino.  This is how your enroll in classes, we will communicate with you through your MyECC email account, etc.  

Completing the application may take at least 30 minutes.  If you require additional assistance please visit our:

Virtual Information Desk 

after hours please email us at

Prerequisite Information:

  • Transferring students you will need to clear prerequisites before enrolling in certain classes.  You can clear prerequisites online through the counseling department.  Have your prerequisites cleared early as not to delay your enrollment.

Online Prerequisite Clearance Process


Semester Information:  

(Semesters & Sessions)

Term Dates 

Apply Online

Class Schedule 

Summer 2021 June 21 - August 12, 2021 October 1, 2020 Class Schedule Page
Fall 2021 August 28 - December 17, 2021 November 1, 2020 Class Schedule Page
Winter 2022 January 3 - February 3, 2022 July 1, 2021 Coming Soon
Spring 2022 February 12 - June 10, 2022 August 1, 2021 Coming Soon

Special Programs:

Students applying for the programs listed below may have additional 'admissions to the program' requirements.  Please click on the following links to visit the webpages:


Care (Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education)

EOPS (Extended Opportunity Program & Services)

Financial Aid

FYE (First Year Experience)

Guardian Scholars Program

KEAS Program

South Bay Promise

Special Resource Center (SRC)

Veterans Services Program


In compliance with federal requirements, El Camino College provides extensive information on campus policies and safety measures as well as our commitment to providing equal opportunities.