Fees, Tuition, & Refunds
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Fees, Tuition & Refunds

California residents pay only $46 per unit for classes!

Student Fees

Enrollment Fee

The enrollment fee is state mandated. Students concurrently enrolled in high school are not required to pay the enrollment fee.

Fee Payment Methods

$46 per unit

Click here for enrollment fee information

Health Fee

All students enrolled in classes at El Camino College are required to pay the health fee. 

Students must be enrolled and currently attending at least one for-credit course to access the services provided by Student Health Services.

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Details and Exception 

$18 per summer terms

$21 per fall and spring semesters

Starting Winter 2022:
$22 per fall and spring semesters

Click here for health fee information

Student Activities Fee (Optional)

The optional Student Activities Fee funds student activities and services

Click here for ASB and photo i.d. information

Student Representation Fee

The Student Government is funded by the Student Activities Fee and the Student Representation Fee.


Click here for SRF Information

 Instructional Materials Fee

Certain courses require a nominal fee for materials provided to students during the course of the semester.
Please refer to Schedule of Classes

Amount specific to course (may vary)
To determine if an instructional materials fee is required and the amount, refer to the listing of courses in the Schedule of Classes

Parking Fee (Optional) 

Daily permits are available at the yellow permit dispenser machines. $3.00 per day (effective August 24, 2013)

$35 - Fall/Spring
(No Fee for Fall 2021 Semester)
$20 - Winter/Summer

$20 - Fall/Spring
(No Fee for Fall 2021 Semester)
$20 - Winter/Summer

Click here for more parking fee information

Transcript/Verification Fee

First Two Copies - No Charge (in any combination with Verification/Transcript)
Additional Copies - $6 each
Emergency Requests (request in person only) - $9 each

Returned Check Fee 

Students are assessed a processing fee if his/her check is returned to the college for nonpayment regardless of the reason.

$20 processing fee

Nonresident Student Fees

Application Fee

Citizens and residents of foreign countries are required to pay an application fee.

$50 (non-refundable)

Non-Resident Tuition

Students who have lived in California less than a year (prior to the first day of instruction) and those who hold certain non-immigrant visas that preclude them from establishing California residency must pay out-of-state tuition and the enrollment fee.

$296 per unit plus $46 per unit
Click here for non-resident tuition information

F1 Visa Student Health Insurance

$697.50 per semester


Fee Refunds

Enrollment Fee Refunds:

To receive a refund, students must drop classes through the online system or in person in the Admissions & Records Office by the scheduled refund date(s) for the term. 

Classes that are less than 16 weeks (short term classes) have different drop dates depending on when the class actually meets.  Please check your class syallabus for those dates.  

Refund checks will be mailed before the end of the semester to the address in the system. Please make sure your address is correct.

Health fee refunds are granted only when:

Students who withdraw from all courses prior to the close of the second week of the term will be eligible for a refund of the Health Services Fee. Forms to request a refund may be obtained at the Cashier's Office.

Nonresident Tuition Refund:

  • If the request is filed before or during the first calendar week of the semester, 100 percent of the tuition will be refunded.
  • If the request is filed during the second calendar week, 75 percent will be refunded.
  • If the request is filed during the third calendar week, 50 percent will be refunded.
  • If the request is filed during the fourth calendar week, 25 percent will be refunded.
  • Requests filed for summer sessions and short courses of 9 weeks or less in length will apply to the following schedule:

- 100 percent refund for requests filed before or during the first calendar week
- 50 percent refund for requests filed during the second calendar week

Admission in Error of Nonresident Students: A nonresident student subject to payment of nonresident fee, who has been admitted to a class or classes in error without payment of fee, shall be excluded from such class or classes upon notification and pending payment of the fee.  For the purpose of this rule only, notification consists of oral or written advice from the Admissions Office to the student prior to the end of the sixth week of the semester, session or period of enrollment.

Parking Permit Refunds

Refunds will be given for parking providing that students drop from all classes and return the permit by the end of the 2nd full week of the term.

Refunds for less than $1.00 will not be mailed.

Questions or comments about this section may be sent to: admissionshelp@elcamino.edu

Additional Information

 Enrollment Fees

El Camino College has a strong commitment to ensuring accessibility to all of its programs and services for all residents of the district who are capable of benefiting from such programs and services. A limited number of related services which the student uses shall be supported by fees charged to students to assist defraying the costs of providing these services.

The mandatory enrollment student fee will be collected at the time of registration. The student who fails to pay this required fee at the time of registration may be dropped from classes. Grades, transcripts and diplomas will be withheld and future registration restricted. See class schedule for current fees.

The enrollment fee requirement shall not apply to students enrolled in the noncredit courses specified in Education Code Section 84711.

A student who receives Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program (TANF), Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Program (SSI/SSP),General Assistance (GA) through the Financial Aid Office must apply for the Enrollment Fee waiver prior to the close of the second week of the semester in the Financial Aid Office. Also, if any additional documentation is required, this must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office and completed prior to the end of the school semester. (Board Policy No. 5030.2).


Fee Payment Methods

Personal checks drawn on United States banks only, money orders or cash will be accepted for any fee paid. Discover (NOVUS), VISA and MasterCard credit cards will be honored. Checks returned by a student's bank for any reason will result in (1) suspension from enrollment, (2) denial of subsequent registration and (3) detention of transcript until financial obligation has been satisfied. A service charge of $20 will be assessed on any returned check.


Health Services Fee

Students pay $21 per fall and spring semesters (Starting Winter 2022:
$22 per fall and spring semesters) and $18 per summer term to cover the operation, supervision, programs and services of the Student Health Center. Students must be enrolled and currently attending at least one for-credit course to access the services provided by Student Health Services.


There are exceptions under these conditions:

1. Low-income students who meet the California College Promise Grant (Method A) criteria as demonstrated by appropriate support documentation of eligibility or income tax forms as they relate to qualifying income levels:

  • CalWORKs;
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF);
  • College Tuition Fee Waiver for the Dependents of Veterans (CalVet Fee Waiver);
  • General Assistance;
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI); or
  • State Supplementary Payment (SSP)

2. Students who depend exclusively upon prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of a bona fide religious sect, denomination or organization. Students who qualify for this exception may obtain a Health Services Fee Waiver form in the Student Support Services Division Office.

All fee-waiver requests must be submitted by the second week of the term.

Students will not be required to pay the student health fee if they are enrolled only in noncredit classes or work site classes. High school students or students enrolled in contract classes only are also exempt.

Student health services are provided for students 18 years of age or older who pay the mandatory fee. High school students permitted to attend the college on a concurrent enrollment basis are not eligible for student health services.

College students under 18 years of age who are subject to other admissions criteria must pay the student health fee and submit a parental or guardian consent form to receive health services.

Children, including children of students, are not permitted in the Student Health Center.



Nonresident Tuition

El Camino College maintains a list of exceptions to the nonresident tuition requirement. Such a list will be issued by the Admissions Office to each student who is classified as a non-resident. Consideration is given to appropriate evidence submitted by the student to substantiate a change in this classification. Possible changes could go to students in the active United States military services or to those who are dependents of an active member of the United States military. El Camino College requires a  $50 application processing fee for out-of-country applicants. All fees must be paid by money orders drawn on a United States bank or by cash. Money orders drawn on out of country banks will not be honored.


Parking Fee

Students may purchase a $35 parking permit each semester (No Fee for Fall 2021 Semester) in accordance with Education Code Section 72247. A $20 fee will be charged to those with motorcycles. Summer and winter terms will carry a $20 fee.The fee will go toward improved parking lot security. Students eligible for federal and state financial aid may be eligible for a reduced fee. Students with a handicapped placard/plate must also purchase an El Camino College semester or daily parking permit. Both the handicapped placard/plate AND the El Camino College semester or daily permit must be displayed.


Photo Identification

All students are required to obtain a free El Camino College identification card. These cards are available in the MBBM (Manhattan Beach Boulevard Modules) #131. These cards serve as photo identification, and are required for Library services, campus activities and to verify attendance in certain classes.


ASO Information

All students are encouraged to purchase an optional ASO sticker for their photo identification cards during registration or at the cashier's window. The ASO Sticker offers a variety of discounts at area businesses, theaters and amusement parks. On-campus benefits include access to Activities Center table games, free admission to all campus athletic events and a discount on tickets at District-sponsored Center for the Arts events. Funds from the cards help support student activities, plays and athletics. The $15 sticker is non-refundable.