Veterans Services Program
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Veterans Services

COVID-19 Update: Contact Us Online!

The Veterans Services Program in the Student Services Building will be CLOSED until further notice. If you need to book an appointment with a counselor, have a quick question, or need to speak with one of our staff members, look at the staff cards located below. 

If you see the green dot with "Knock on Door", you can click on that and chat with a staff member for immediate assistance. Or you can click "Schedule a Meeting" to talk at a later time and you can choose to either meet by telephone or by video, or click on "Send an Offline Message" to email us.

Video chat with Veterans on Cranium Cafe

Veterans Resource Center

This facility  is  designed to be a gathering place for El Camino College student veterans so they can study, get to know one another, and have a place of their own to hang out between classes. Amenities such as computers and a workspace make it an ideal location to spend free time.

Support services available at the Veterans Center include: access to computers, computer assistance, a study area, workshops, and referrals to a variety of resources, both at the college and in the community. Staff can help students with paperwork regarding their educational benefits, as well as assist them in becoming successful in the college environment.

At the Veterans Resource Center, we are here to help student veterans meet their educational goals. With excellent academic offerings, affordable fees, small classes, outstanding student services and a great Los Angeles-area location, El Camino College truly is an excellent way to focus on your future.

Veterans Assistance

El Camino College is approved as an institution of higher learning. The Veterans Services Office provides assistance to veterans and eligible dependents in planning educational programs and maintaining compliance with U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) regulations. It is important that VA beneficiaries notify the Veterans Services Program of any changes in enrollment. 




Staff Information

Assistant Director

Brenda Threatt

Veterans Counselors

Roland "Tony" Zapata

School Certifying Officials

Nina Bailey

Rosanna Merrill

Front Desk

Lawrence Moreno



Students will have a complete understanding of the Veteran Services Program
and the student responsibilities to ensure completion of their educational goal. 

GI Bill® is registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about
education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at