South Bay Promise
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South Bay Promise

College is expensive. We want to help! The South Bay Promise offers an affordable pathway directly from high school to college. Students enrolled as first-time full-time students will have their first and second year fees waived. Additional services and counseling will be offered to students enrolled in the South Bay Promise. 

The South Bay Promise is available to all first-time, full-time college students (regardless of school district) who complete the steps below and attend El Camino College the fall after their senior year.


The application for the Fall 2021 South Bay Promise is now closed. Applications for current High School Seniors Class of 2022 will become available later this Fall!

Steps for Eligibility

You must complete steps 3-6 by the April 30, 2022 priorty deadline to receive a conditional acceptance letter from the South Bay Promise.*  

  1. Apply for Admission for Fall 2022 or Summer 2022.
  2. Complete and submit a South Bay Promise Application. 
  3. All students are required to submit a 2022-2023 FAFSA or California Dream Act application (once it becomes available) regardless of income. 
  4. Complete the English and Mathematics Placement Survey in MyECC. This will be available once you apply for Fall 2022 Admissions and receive your El Camino Student ID number. 
  5. Complete the New Student Orientation.
  6. Meet with an El Camino Counselor to create an Educational Plan.
  1. Connect with an approved South Bay Promise Student Support & Success Program or Pathway (requirements and application deadlines vary). See below for a list of approved South Bay Promise Programs or Pathways. 
  2. Register for a minimum of 12 units for both Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters. (If you are registered with the Special Resource Center on campus and have been approved, then you are only required to take 9 units for both Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters)

*Students who submit applications and complete steps beyond April 30 will not be eligible for priority registration for the fall semester. You must also participate in a South Bay Promise Eligible Student Support Program or Pathway (list below). 

What are the benefits for me?

  • Enrollment fees paid for the first year (up to 30 units).
  • Priority registration your first semester.
  • Access to English and math courses in your first year.
  • Participation in a Student Support & Success Program or Pathway.
  • Personalized Support & Success Program or Pathway orientations.
  • Borrow a Surface Go Laptop via Laptop Loan thanks to our Foundation.

List of South Bay Promise approved Support & Success Programs or Pathways

Please check with each program for application, eligibility, and upcoming information sessions. Get a head start and reach out to these programs or pathways!  

Athletics provides student-athletes competition in the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) in 22 intercollegiate athletic programs. Student-athletes acquire skill, sportsmanship and scholarship during their two years of competition with a goal of transfer.

BSS/SEA Pathway is designed to facilitate the academic and college success of Southbay Promise Students by integrating Behavioral and Social Science curriculum, student equity and student services in courses that are designated myPATH. The myPATH designation means that faculty teaching these courses have received equity-minded and culturally responsive training through the Student Equity and Achievement Program.

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) offers a wide array of services including counseling, advisement, peer mentoring, tutoring, EOPS book vouchers or grants, assistance applying for financial aid, transfer and career services, and priority registration. For over fifty years EOPS has been dedicated to the delivery of a comprehensive program that encourages the enrollment, retention, and transfer of students who are challenged by language, social, economic, and educational disadvantages. Our program strives for innovative ways to enhance and encourage students' academic success and excellence. 

First Year Experience (FYE) starting a new educational journey can be exciting and overwhelming! El Camino College’s First Year Experience program is designed to help recent high school graduates succeed in their first year of college by providing a supportive environment and specialized education and career services.

Honors Transfer Program (HTP) is for highly-motivated students who want to transfer to the best four-year universities, which give them special consideration for acceptance following completion of the program. Program benefits include priority registration, designated honors classes, smaller class sizes, transfer-related workshops, and scholarship opportunities. 

Project Success is an affiliate of the state-wide student support program called the Umoja Community. It is a guided pathway program that consists of mandatory courses during the first two years of the students’ participation. The Umoja Community actively services and promotes student success for all students through a curriculum and pedagogy responsive to the legacy of the African Diasporas.

Puente Program provides English courses, counseling, and mentoring. The goal is to assist students that wish to transfer to a four-year university through transferable courses and educational events, activities, and workshops. Puente focuses on a Latino/multicultural emphasis in both the college transferable English and Human Development courses which the students are placed in a cohort for one academic year. 

The Special Resource Center (SRC) The Mission of El Camino College’s Special Resource Center is to facilitate academic success for students with disabilities by providing equal access to educational opportunities in an integrated campus setting. The Special Resource Center (SRC) provides support services, adaptive equipment and computer technology, assistive technology training, and specialized instruction to serve students with verified disabilities. Our primary goal is to provide the accommodations necessary to assist students with achieving their educational and vocational goals, while promoting self-advocacy and independent learning. Our office promotes shared responsibility with the student, professor, and college staff for student success. Students with disabilities are an integral and vital part of the El Camino College.

Warrior-Toro Computer Science Pathway is a cohort based program offered in partnership between El Camino College and California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH). It provides a supported pathway for students to complete a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. Students will take classes together, and receive additional support including enrichment workshops, professional development, tutoring, priority registration, and guidance to apply for competitive internships.