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Date: Jun 04 2020


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 A statement from APHA Executive Director Georges C. Benjamin, MD

The American Public Health Association denounces the use of violent methods by law enforcement against peaceful protesters. The current protests are the result of the American people rightfully demanding an end to the racial profiling by some police officers and a system of structured racism resulting in disproportionate harm to the health of individuals and communities of color.

 We stand by the millions of people across the country and around the world who have come together to speak out against the unjust killing of George Floyd — itself an act of police violence — and we demand that peaceful demonstrators be treated with the dignity and respect our Constitution guarantees.

 Now is the time to listen to these voices, not suppress them. We must all work together for change against the injustice harming our communities. We encourage law enforcement to restrain from using unnecessary force that causes further anguish and harm.

 We also condemn police violence against community residents who have expressed frustration and despair over day-to-day racism. This racism, while far too commonplace in our health care system, in housing, in employment and beyond, has rocked this nation and is tantamount to a public health crisis.

 APHA’s 2018 policy statement affirms that law enforcement violence is a public health issue. We emphatically restate that perspective and our resolve to address it.


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NEW: Advancing Racial Equity Webinar Series Discussion Guide, Part I

This guide, to be used in conjunction with viewing webinars 1-4, recaps the content of the webinars and provides discussion questions and activities to invoke meaningful conversations about racism and its connection to health inequities in the United States.

Webinar #4: Racial Healing for Ourselves, Our Communities and Our Future
Sept. 29, 3-4:30 p.m. ET

Webinar #3 | Reborn Not Reformed: Re-Imagining Policing for the Public's Health
(Brought to you by APHA and the Bloomberg American Health Initiative)

Webinar #2 | A Path to Reproductive Justice: Research, Practice and Policies 

Webinar # 1 | Racism: The Ultimate Underlying Condition 

We encourage you to view webinars from the 2015 series The Impact of Racism on the Health and Well-Being of the Nation in advance of the 2020 webinar series.

The Impact of Racism on the Health and Well-Being of the Nation

Stigma, inequalities and civil rights injustices remain in our society today.* Unfortunately, skin color plays a large part in how people are viewed, valued and treated. We know that racism, both intentional and unintentional, affects the health and well-being of individuals and communities and stifles the opportunity of many to contribute fully to the future and growth of this nation. Join the leadership of the American Public Health Association in a webinar series about racism's impact on health and disparities. 

APHA works to improve access to care, bring about health equity and support public health infrastructure. Public health is a broad field. We focus on the most important problems and solutions of our time. Check back often to see what topics and issues we're working on.