Queer is Love Scholarship
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Queer is Love Scholarship

In order to support our El Camino LBGTQIA+ community, the Safe Zone Project Committee established the Queer is Love Scholarship Fund to support educational goals and dreams. 

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Scholarship Donations

It’s easy to donate to the scholarship and takes just a few minutes!

Step 1

Visit the El Camino Foundation Contribution websiteThen, select the donation amount and if you would like to make this a recurring gift.

Scholarship Step 1 Photo

Step 2

Under “designation,” select “Other.”  Then, write “Queer is Love Scholarship” in the drop down box.

Scholarship Step 2

Step 3

Finally, fill-out your billing and payment information.  Then, press the “Donate Now” button.

Scholarship Step 3

Thank you for contributing to the Queer is Love Scholarship!