First Year Experience (FYE)
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First Year Experience Program (FYE)

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Starting a new educational journey can be exciting and overwhelming. Transitioning from high school may present you with many decisions to make and challenges to face. The First Year Experience program is designed to help you be successful in your first year of college life by providing a supportive, caring environment of educational and career services.  

The First Year Experience Program is designed to prepare you for academic success and to help you in selecting the career path that's right for you. Whether you are transitioning from high school or just beginning your college education, the rigors of college life can present even the best students with challenges that require major adjustments. Sometimes getting started may seem overwhelming, as there are many decisions to make. That's why we have created a supportive environment here at El Camino College where there are people and programs to assist you with your college career.

Through FYE you will learn more about how to be a successful student. You will gain knowledge of how to study and learn in groups; have access to vital campus and college resources; be able to explore a chosen major and create a career plan; interact in a multicultural environment; develop important study skills; and learn how to access and manage electronic information, such as e-mail, Internet, and library databases.

The Top 5 Reasons You Should Join FYE!

(Provided by the office of Institutional Research)

Students who participate in the First Year Experience Program (FYE) need fewer courses in English and Math to successfully complete transfer-level English and college-level math than students who did not participate in FYE.


FYE students reach the 30-unit threshold faster than students who do not participate in FYE, achieving 30 units nearly one term faster than students who were not in FYE program.

FYE students are twice as likely to earn their associate degrees within a three-year time period than students who are not in FYE.

FYE students are more likely to persist into their second year at El Camino College than students who are not in FYE.

Last, FYE students are more likely to transfer to 4 year universities than students who did not participate in FYE. There is a 20-25 point difference for students participating in FYE.


What does FYE Offer?

The First Year Experience Program offers...

Priority Registration for all ECC classes to help ensure enrollment in desired courses.

Orientation - A variety of special events especially designed to enhance your transition to college.

First Year Experience Counselor will help students with: academic planning, personal counseling, and career development

Learning Community Courses, which will help satisfy general education and elective graduation requirements. Students may also take additional classes, outside the cluster, to reach full-time status.

Strategies for Success in College course designed to introduce new students to college life and expectations.

First Year Experience Faculty - A team of professional, caring and committed faculty dedicated to supporting the success of First Year Students

Field trips to various UC, CSU, & Private Universities.

Guest Speakers


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