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STEM Education

We invite you to partner with us to strengthen and enhance the many science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programs and opportunities offered to El Camino College students as they explore, excel, transfer and graduate in fields and careers critical to the needs of our community and workforce. 

Ongoing expenses and changing technology make STEM programs expensive to sustain. Your donations will directly help fund programs and projects that directly support students pursuing STEM certificates, degrees, or transfer plans, including:

  • Maintain, preserve, update and replace equipment in all fields of science, technology, robotics, automation and engineering, including associated installation and structural modification costs
  • Technology upgrades to hardware and software, and associated installation costs
  • Enhance STEM curriculum and increase training for faculty and staff, to keep up-to-date on current trends
  • Outreach in STEM disciplines to local K-12 schools to create a pathway to El Camino College
  • On-campus STEM events, such as summer institutes, conferences and speaker series
  • Off-campus STEM events, such as seminars and conferences, including associated registration, travel, and accommodation costs


“The STEM Center gave me a place not only to study and prepare for exams, but to learn how to succeed in STEM courses. Thanks to all of the amazing staff members, I gained the confidence I lacked when I first came to El Camino. It is thanks to this program that I never gave up on my dreams of becoming a Software Engineer and First-Generation College Graduate!”

- Yesenia G.


El Camino College STEM Transfer Student Data



Edison Scholars

The challenges of pursuing a STEM major are as much financial as academic. Thanks to the financial support of Southern California Edison, students receive scholarships to fund a portion of their educational expenses at El Camino College as continuing students, or transfer-ready students at four-year universities. 

2019 Edison Scholars

Proud 2020 Edison Scholar recipients


2021 Edison Scholars:



2021 Edison Scholars:

Transfer Ready



Ingrid Barrera   Farimah Abdollahidahaki   Alexander Lopez
Omar Fayoumi   Brenda Fernandez Martinez   Ramya Swai Swathi Mangu
Joshua Rodriguez   Anh Hoang   Jeewon Park
Bryan Vela   Aria Holmes   Sherry Zhou
    Rakkyun Kim    


Thank you to our very generous 2020-2021 STEM Donors

Raymond Billig                     Northrop Grumman Foundation
The Boeing Company   John Obataiye
Anthony Cruz   Alice O'Leary
Ashley and Albert Danial   The Pipkin Family
Leila and Donald Jennings   Southern California Edison
Judy and Dan Keenan   Yoshimi Takeuchi