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MyECC 101: Navigating the Registration Process PDF - slides and notes from the presentation

How to Register for Classes

Each student is required to have a reservation to register before being admitted to the registration process. It is issued by the Admissions Office and indicates the day and hour of registration. It is available to qualified students who complete the admission requirements. Students must enroll on the date and time indicated or any time thereafter in accordance with the published registration schedule.

Schedule of Classes

Before the registration period for each semester or summer session, the college publishes a Schedule of Classes listing the courses offered, general registration procedures and placement and college ability tests. Schedules are available throughout the campus and in the Admissions Office.

Priority Registration

In compliance with Section 51825 of Title 5, California Administrative Code, priority registration will be implemented as follows:

  1. Special registration assistance to the handicapped or disadvantaged students as defined by statute for the purpose of providing equalization of education.
  2. Students will receive priority registration according to this ranking system and criteria:
    1. General registration priority will be awarded as follows:
      1. First priority: continuing students
      2. Second priority: new and re-admit students

      For fall and spring semesters, the enrollment of continuing students in accordance with priority system established on the basis of these factors:

      1. One point for each unit completed at El Camino College plus one point for each unit in which he/she is currently enrolled (mid-term), with a maximum of 60 points.
      2. Points awarded according to the total units in current program after the 12th week, as follows: 0 to 3 units equals 0 points; 3.5 to 6 units equals 2 points; 6.5 to 9 units equals 4 points; 9.5 points to 15 units equals 6 points; and 15.5 plus units equals 10 points.
      3. A reward of 15 points to students for maintaining their original unit load from the start of the semester through the 12th week.
      4. A reward of 10 points to students with 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA.
      5. Day and evening programs are used to divide the student body into a day or extended day priority system. One or more day classes constitutes a day program.
    2. The early enrollment of students who meet one of these guidelines:
      1. Instruction program requires time off campus limiting the choice of class periods on campus.
      2. The instructional activity requires a block of time associated with scheduled classes for such activities as practice, meetings, counseling and off-campus travel.
      3. First semester F-1 visa student.

Continuous Enrollment

Continuous enrollment at El Camino College constitutes enrollment in one or more classes each semester, excluding summer sessions. A student must remain enrolled in at least one course for sufficient time to receive a grade of “W”.

Student Program of Studies

The student's program of studies will vary according to individual need and objectives. There is no minimum but the maximum program for a semester is 18 units without a physical education class and 19 units with a physical education class. The minimum full-time student program is 12 units per semester. A student wishing to take more than the maximum units may file a petition through the Counseling Services Division. Students should have completed at least 15 transferable units in one semester with a 2.5 GPA and an overall GPA of 2.5 to be eligible for overload.

In addition to scheduled class hours, students should include in their weekly schedule the time necessary to study and prepare for classes. Each student is expected to spend two hours per week in study and preparation for each class hour per week in lecture courses. Students who work in business or industry should reduce their total study programs in proportion to the demands of their employment and personal activities. If employment requires 40 hours or more per week, students would limit their study program to 7 units or less each semester.

Evening students should arrange their class schedules to include not more than two nights each week since experience has shown that overtime work and personal activities interfere with a more extensive class schedule.

If at least one unit is physical education, the maximum program of study for the six-weeks summer session is 8 units or 9 units for the eight-weeks session

Full-time Student

A student is defined as full-time if carrying 12 units or more during the regular semester or 4 units during the summer session.

Veteran and War Orphan benefits under the G.I. Bill are based on 12 units for full subsistence; 9 units for three-fourth subsistence; 6 units for half subsistence.

For automobile insurance and other insurance benefits, a student must be enrolled in 12 units.

Athletic eligibility is based on 12 units and student government eligibility is 8 units.