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To Drop a Class

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Steps to Drop a Class

  1. Go to myecc.elcamino.edu.
  2. Login with MyECC username and password.
  3. In the Self-Service Menu (left column), click on Registration, then click on Register and Drop Sections.
  4. Under Current Registrations, click the checkbox next to the class section you wish to drop.
  5. Click the SUBMIT button (Warning: once you click submit there is no going back).
  6. Once you successfully drop the class, review your class schedule [scroll to bottom of screen to view updated schedule] to make sure class was dropped.

Drop Policies

Voluntary Course Drop

It is the student’s responsibility to process an official withdrawal from class. Failure to do so may result in a letter grade of A through F. A student may drop a class or classes within the refund period and add another class or classes using the fees already paid. A student who fails to properly register or add a class will NOT receive credit for that class.

If a student drops after the refund deadline, payment of fees for the classes is forfeited.

A student may drop a class before the refund deadlines and add a class with additional fees if the class is dropped after the refund deadline. In order to add the same class at a different time/date/instructor, the student must request a lateral transfer from both instructors. All transfers are processed through the Admissions Office.

Check the Academic Calendar for final drop dates:

  • Last Day to Drop and Be Eligible for a Fee Refund
  • Last Day to Drop without a Notation on Permanent Record
  • Last Day to Drop with a “W”

Dropped Due to Attendance

Students who enroll in class but do not attend the first scheduled class meeting may be dropped from the roster and their places given to waiting students who were unable to enroll at the time of registration. In an online class, the instructor will indicate what she/he considers the first class meeting.

A student who registers for a class and never attends is still responsible for dropping the class. Failure to officially drop a class by the appropriate deadline may result in a “W” and may subject the student to any and all fees associated with the class.

Regular attendance is expected of every student. A student may be dropped from class when absences from class exceed the number of units assigned to the course. This rule also applies to excessive absences due to illness or medical treatment. The student who has been absent due to illness or medical appointment must explain the absence directly to the instructor.

Dropped Due to Non-Payment

All fees must be paid by the deadlines or students will be dropped from all classes. Waitlisted students admitted to the class must pay those class fees by the same deadlines, or they will be dropped from all classes.

For Fee Payment Deadlines, go to: www.elcamino.edu/admissions/feedeadline.asp

Note: Students are liable for all fees unless they drop the class by the published refund deadline date.

Questions? Consult the class schedule/catalog, or speak with a counselor.

Please refer to the class schedule/academic calendar for deadline information!