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Please note--All summer classes will be conducted entirely online (including lab assignments). If there are times listed for your class, keep your scheduled times free because your instructor may present lectures, tests, labs, or assignments during those times. If you have registered for a Flexible Schedule class, check for the required dates in the notes for the class (currently not visible on the searchable schedule). For the fall 2021 semester, a limited number of classes will be held on campus. Please check the class schedule--if a room number is given for a lab, it will be conducted on campus.

Welcome to the Astronomy department's home page! Learn more about the Astronomy classes offered at El Camino College as well as our faculty, students, and public events held at our planetarium through the links below.

Celestial Sphere

Astronomy Courses

Telescope teaching

Astronomy Faculty


El Camino College Planetarium

Looking through a Telescope

Astronomy and Astrophysics Club



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