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The Photography Department at El Camino College provides a comprehensive foundation in skills, techniques and processes for commercial and creative photography.

Our photography program prepares students for entry-level employment in photography or for successful transfer to four-year degree programs.

What We Offer


Upon completion of the required courses, students can earn an Associate in Science Degree in Photography that will give them the theoretical and practical knowledge to pursue a variety of careers in the field of professional and creative photography.


The Certificate curriculum emphasizes studio work with courses in portraiture, photojournalism, black and white, color, digital and film creative photographic processes.

Specific major requirements for all degrees and certificates can be found in the  College Catalog.

Preparation for the Transfer Major

For information on specific university major requirements, please obtain a transfer curriculum guide sheet in Counseling Services consult with your counselor, or visit the Transfer Center.

Our Courses

Each student acquires practical and creative skills relating to digital and film photography, camera operation, films, color theory, photo composition, lighting, processing, printing, and business operations through a wide range of studio courses including:

Photography • Photojournalism • Black and White Photography • Portraiture • Theory of Color/Color Printing • Creative Photographic Processes

Course descriptions can be found in the College Catalog. To view current class offerings, refer to Online Class Schedule.

Master Classes and Events

Upcoming master classes, events, and ticket information is available through Center for the Arts.

Student Exhibition Opportunities

The Photography program exhibits student work both on and off campus, including a yearly exhibition in the spring at the college library and the El Camino College Student Art Exhibit in the Art Gallery. Photography students also get the opportunity to publish their work in the College Union newspaper and the Myriad, the ECC literary journal.

Our Facilities

El Camino College Photography students have access to an environmentally-sensitive fully equipped photo wet lab, a digital lab, a lighting studio, and the chemicals used in developing and printing processes.

Career Goals

Our photography classes can be a student’s first step towards a variety of careers including:

Freelance photographer • Film • Television • Cinematographer • Corporate photographer • Artist • Advertising • Photographer assistant • Imaging • Public relations • Fashion • Medical and scientific publications • Photojournalism