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Liberal Studies (Elementary Teaching) – A.A. Degree

This transfer degree is designed for students interested in pursuing a multiple-subject credential for teaching in an elementary school. Students will develop a foundation in a broad range of subject matter designed to prepare them for teaching. This includes cultural, economic, ethnic, political, and social issues in the United States as well as geological, geographical, and biological concepts and principles. Competencies will be assessed regularly through projects, examinations, laboratory experiments, and presentations. Program assessment will be conducted by tracking student placement in teacher education programs at the university level.

General Information

Majoring in Liberal Studies will afford students the opportunity to complete the first two years of lower division coursework for their intended transfer institution and, depending upon the program selected, up to 45 hours of the required fieldwork for the credential.

For information on specific university requirements and teaching careers, please contact the Teacher Education Preparation Program at 310.660.3573.

Liberal Studies 201
Introduction to Liberal Studies for Elementary School Teachers

1 unit; 1.5 hours lecture
Recommended Preparation: eligibility for English 1A
Credit, degree applicable
Transfer CSU

This course is designed for students interested in becoming elementary school teachers. Students will be given an overview of the components of the Liberal Studies major including the meaning of a “liberal education.” Other course topics include evaluating prerequisite skills and course work necessary for student success in a liberal studies program, orientation to learning and career assistance services, overview of the requirements for the degree and teaching credential, and the portfolio review process. Students will complete a practice California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) and design an individual educational plan. Students will also be required to conduct an observation in an elementary school classroom.

Contact Information:

Dr. Gloria Miranda, Dean
Office - Social Science Building, Room 101
(310) 660-3735
Email: gmiranda@elcamino.edu